The First Betting Round

  My definition of a good poker player is one who can recognize and exploit advantageous   situations and recognize and avoid situations that are not advantageous. 

  You can get some help toward developing the skill of a good poker player from books, but   books will not be enough. You need experience. You’re going to have to get in there and mix   it up.

  Beginning Hold’Em players should follow a basic plan of playing tight.  Your bottom line is   affected just as much by avoiding a loss as it is by winning a pot. 

  Playing very tight is one way to avoid losses. By playing only very strong hands, you’ll   avoid many of those decision points that require the judgment of an experienced player. 


  Because many of those tough decisions require knowledge of the playing habits of your   opponents, playing very tight is also the preferred style for even an experienced player if   you’re not familiar with the playing habits of your opponents.

  Just playing tight is not an approach that will maximize your win in most games, but it is an   optimal learning strategy for players who are new to Hold’Em. 

  You should not, however, play too tight.  Part of learning the game is getting involved in   some hands and making a few mistakes. 

  Don’t plan on making mistakes, do what you can to avoid them, but realize that they will   happen and try to learn from them.

  Tight play starts with the first two cards.It’s a strategy based primarily on the idea that   poker is a struggle among the players for a claim on the initial money in the pot (the   blinds). 

  The focus is on the random distribution of the first two cards on the deal.It’s a risk-averse   approach that  does not explicitly exploit any probable or observed errors that your   opponents might be making.


At a ten-handed table , I usually think of the seats as divided into five pairs.

Playing Positions

Number of chairs to the left of the dealer button

Playing Positions

1 & 2

The blinds

3 & 4

The under-the-gun position
( first two players to act after the blinds )

5 & 6

Early position

7 & 8

Middle position

9 & 10

Late position and the butto



Entering a Public Cardroom / The Play of the Game

The Flop / The Last Two Cards / Some Overrated Concepts


poker halftime


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