Knowing yourself means knowing your limitations, your motivation, and your competitive advantages in the game.


  Poker is an intellectual game. Playing poker to win requires a lot of intense thought and on-the-spot analysis. 

  You should make certain that you’ve done whatever you need to do in order to prepare for   that. 

  A lot of that is physical.

    Get Some Rest

  Thinking is tiring. It really wears you out. That means don’t play when you’re tired. Get some rest. 

  Most people should limit their sessions to four to six hours. 

  After that, take a break.Cash in your chips and leave. There will be another game when you get back. 

  You don’t have to leave for long, but leave for at least an hour. 

  Do something refreshing: Take a walk, get something to eat, take a nap, see a movie.  It’s important.

    Diet Does Matter

  What you eat can affect your game. Foods like greasy meats will tend to tire you out more  than refresh  you. Avoid heavy eating before and during a session, and avoid heavy foods even in light portions. 

  Stay away from those cardroom hot dogs.  If I know a cardroom has a limited menu   available, I’ll often stop at the grocery store and buy some fruits and nuts to take with me to   the cardroom. 

  Having some fruit to pass out to some of the other players doesn’t hurt either as making friends at the table can help in a number of ways.

  I hope I don’t have to tell you to stay away from alcohol while playing. 

  You should watch your coffee intake also.  If you order a cup of coffee from the waitress, ask for a glass of water to go with it. 

  Drink at least one glass of water for every cup of coffee you drink. 

  There are two problems caused by excess coffee. 

  One, the nervousness that accompanies caffeine is familiar to anyone who drinks coffee, and coffee also tend dehydrate you. 

  So, you need to drink water with to coffee to keep yourself hydrated. 

  Drinking lots of water is  one of the best things you can do to keep your brain working at maximum effectiveness while playing poker.

    Leave Your Worries at Home

  If you have problems at home,don’t try to use a poker game to get the problems out of your mind. 

  Your thoughts of the problems will just distract you from the game. 

  Take care of the problems. Then play cards.


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en card stud is accompanied by a great deal of short-tem luck. The effect of this is that the bad player, who originally stays away from seven-card stud because the game appears too complicated, might become attracted to it since he discovers that he can win more often than in some of the other forms of poker. Thus stud games have the potential to be good for a very long time, and many veteran players literally give their money to the experts.

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