A bet that can’t win if you’re called. There are generally two ways for a bet to win. 

  One is for the opponent to fold, conceding the pot, the other is for the opponent to call and   you hand prevail in a showdown.  A bluff has only one way to win.


  The community cards in the middle of the table are called the board. 

  It consists of either three, four or five cards, depending on the betting round.

    Book player

  A player who plays in a rigid style.  Book players tend to overvalue concept of patience and   tend to think that hand value is determined by the cards themselves. 

  Waiting for an obviously superior hand is their primary approach to the game.

    Burn card

  A burn card is the card on the top of the stub of the deck that’s discarded by the dealer   before dealing cards for the next betting round. 

  This is done to minimize the advantage a player would get if he caught a glimpse of the top card, knowing that card would be dealt to the board for the next poker betting round.


  The last player to act, before the blinds, is called the button. The button player is designated   by a plastic disk,which rotates among the players. 

  It is used to designate the player who holds the dealer’s position in the betting order.


  When another player bets, you must either call by putting an amount equal to the bet into   the pot (sometimes called equalizing the pot) or fold. 

  If you don’t have enough chips to completely equalize the pot, you can o all-in and call for   only the chips you have.

    Calling station

  A loose-passive who will seldom bet or raise but will call bets with very weak hands.


  See four-bet.


  A form of slow play. Checking with the intent of raising if another player bets.


  Calling a bet and a raise all at one time.  If a player in front of you bets, a second player raises, and you call, then you’ve cold-called the raise. 

  If a player in front of you bets and you call, then someone else raises and you call the raise,   you’ve then called the raise, not cold-called it.


  A form of cheating where a prearranged deck is put into the poker game and given a false shuffle.

    Dog See


    Dominated power hands

  These are hands that are strong enough to be worth raising with from early position, but are   probably not  strong enough to call a raise from an early position raiser unless two or three   other players have already called.

    Dominating power hands

  These are hands that are very strong and should almost always be played, even in situations   that mean calling a raise from an early position raiser.

    Drawing dead

  When your hand can’t win even if it makes the improvement you’re hoping for. 

  An example is when the flop is all of one suit and someone has a flush and you’ve got a  straight draw.


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